Nov 2017

Till Vere Hodge gave a presentation on online sales of art as part of Sotheby’s Institute’s series headed Art Law for Art World Professionals.

Oct 2017

Pierre Valentin contributed to an ArtTactic podcast on Brexit and the British Art Market.

Pierre Valentin gave a presentation on legal issues related to catalogues raisonné and authentication at a 3-day workshop headed Building Artists’Legacies organised in the UK by the Institute of Artists’ Estates.

The Art Law Team at Constantine Cannon was awarded the prize of Art & Cultural Property Law Firm of the Year 2017 by Finance Global Monthly.

Pierre Valentin and Till Vere-Hodge contributed an article ‘The risk of acquiring Nazi-looted art is not going away to The Society of London Art Dealers’ Newsletter (October 2017 issue 102).

Sep 2017

Pierre Valentin contributed to a panel presentation on the potential impact of Brexit on the British art industry at the Art & Business Conference in London.

PAIAM published reports on Brexit and the British art market authored by Pierre Valentin, Azmina Jasani, Till Vere Hodge and Yulia Tosheva.

Pierre Valentin chaired a panel on private collections at the conference on art wrongly dispossessed by the Nazi organised at the National Gallery London by the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport and the Commission for looted art in Europe.

Pierre Valentin lectured post-graduate students at the ESA business school in Beirut, Lebanon.

Jul 2017

Pierre Valentin presented a webinar called ‘An Introduction to Art Law’ edited by MBL Seminars.

Jun 2017

Pierre Valentin contributed to a panel discussion called ‘Public/Private | New Rules: Is the Artworld a Mature Industry?’ moderated by András Szántó at Art Basel.

Pierre Valentin and Till Vere-Hodge gave a presentation on the topic of “World War II Displaced Art: Provenance Research and Dispute Resolution” at Sotheby’s Institute in London.

May 2017

Pierre Valentin participated in a debate on the management of artists’ estates organised by the Royal Academy of Arts, London during the Friends Week.

Pierre Valentin was a keynote speaker at a presentation on Nazi-looted art to the Society of London Art Dealers (SLAD) in London.

Till Vere-Hodge presented on “Issues of Nazi-looted Art in the UK” at a Federal Bar Council conference in New York entitled “A Look at Looted Art Worldwide”.

Apr 2017

Azmina Jasani spoke at the Art Business Conference in New York to highlight the differences between the legal landscape of New York and London and how it affects the art market in the two jurisdictions, including the potential implications of Brexit on London’s art market.

Mar 2017

Pierre Valentin gave a presentation at an international two-day conference called ‘From Refugees to Restitution – The History of Nazi-Looted Art in the UK from a Transnational Perspective’ at Newham College, Cambridge.

Jan 2017

Pierre Valentin organised, co-chaired and gave a presentation at the Royal Academy of Arts event; Managing The Artist’s Legacy. This day-long event is designed to illuminate key opportunities and challenges in the management of an artist’s estate and their legacy.

Constantine Cannon LLP contributed an analysis of the ways in which South Asian artists can go about protecting their legacy to ArtTactic’s South Asia Art Market Report 2017. Please click here to view the report.