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Constantine Cannon LLP are delighted to announce the launch of ICRA in London on 1 July 2019.

ICRA is a not-for-profit, membership-based association whose mission is to support all those working on catalogue raisonné projects including artists, representatives of artists’ estates, academics, scholars, experts, lawyers and publishers.  It was inspired by CRSA, the Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association founded in New York in 1994.

A catalogue raisonné is a comprehensive inventory of all known artworks by an artist either in a particular medium or in all media.

“Catalogues raisonnés are essential to preserve an artist’s legacy and protect the integrity of his or her oeuvre,” said Pierre Valentin, founder and chair of ICRA. “ICRA’s mission is to support the community of people working tirelessly to produce high quality catalogues raisonnés”.

The objectives of ICRA include: facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas amongst those working on catalogues raisonnés; encouraging the creation and publication of more catalogues raisonnés; promoting best practice; education; and access to resources including information and specialist services.

“The health of the international art market depends on the quality of the expertise behind catalogues raisonnés,” said Caroline Porter, an ICRA Founding Member.

ICRA will open for membership on 1 July 2019.  Members will enjoy exclusive and free access to networking events and to a members-only area of the ICRA website.  They will also enjoy discounts to the ICRA annual conference, and access on special terms to a panel of dedicated legal experts in 7 jurisdictions around the world.

David Anfam, a member of the board of ICRA and the author of the Rothko catalogue raisonné, said: “ICRA is now more timely than ever in a booming art world where authentication and scholarship – central to the function of any catalogue raisonné – have become increasingly important issues.’’

About ICRA

ICRA is an international not-for-profit unincorporated and membership-based organisation designed to support those involved in catalogue raisonné projects.  Its ambition is that over time, it will become the point of reference for all things related to catalogues raisonnés.

ICRA was conceived and developed by a board consisting of Dr David Anfam, Harriet Bridgeman CBE, Teresa Krasny, Toby Treves, Pierre Valentin and Anne-Sophie Villemin.

The Founding Members are: Prof. Brian Allen, Dr Judy Collins, Mr Walter Feilchenfeldt, Dr Antoinette Friedenthal, Dr Florian Haerb, Dr Sharon Hecker, Ms Valérie Didier Hess, Ms Catherine Lampert, Ms Honey Luard, Mr Lionel Pissarro, Ms Caroline Porter, Ms Katy Rogers, Mr Pierre Rosenberg, Dr Barnaby Wright and Ms Sarah Whitfield.

ICRA is an independent organisation and it is privately funded.